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Mose's Mom + Her Midwives Were Badass

I was watching the Testament: The Story of Moses on Netflix, and felt an instant connection with the badass women who went against their government to save their children. 



Moses' mother in the Bible is Jochebed. She is mentioned in the Book of Exodus, where she is described as the mother of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. Jochebed played a significant role in Moses' early life, as she courageously saved him from Pharaoh's decree to kill all Hebrew male infants by placing him in a basket and setting it adrift on the Nile River. This act ultimately led to Moses being discovered and adopted by Pharaoh's daughter, who raised him as her own. Jochebed's bravery and faith are celebrated in Jewish and Christian traditions as part of the story of the Exodus.

According to the biblical narrative, Jochebed acted as Moses' wet nurse. After Moses was discovered by Pharaoh's daughter in the basket floating on the Nile, Jochebed was called upon to nurse him. Pharaoh's daughter then adopted Moses as her own son, but Jochebed continued to care for him during his early years. This arrangement allowed Moses to be raised within the Egyptian royal household while still maintaining a connection to his Hebrew heritage through Jochebed's care.

The midwives who played a crucial role in saving Moses were named Shiphrah and Puah. They were Hebrew midwives who defied Pharaoh's orders to kill all Hebrew male infants at birth. Instead, they allowed the male infants to live, risking their own lives in the process. Their courageous actions contributed to Moses' survival and ultimately played a significant role in the story of the Exodus.

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