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"You're never going to buy your kid a happy meal?"

"You're never going to buy your kid a happy meal?"

"You're going to be that mother?" 

"You're never going to let your kid be an American kid and have a Happy Meal?"

I remember this overwhelming feeling of not knowing how I was going to handle our "American culture" for my baby. 

As I rubbed my belly, I remember thinking to him - "we are going to have to figure this out together." 


Fast forward 3 years later....

Chase is scootering down the city sidewalk. We cut through the Buger King parking lot to go to our favorite organic, vegan spot - LuLu Green in Southie. We were on a mission to get mom's "tea coffee," and Chase's blue spirulina smoothie. 

The fast-food chains he never noticed because we didn't bring attention to them. There was nothing to talk about! 

Fast forward a year later... 

I hear Chase chatting with his cousins and someone mentions McDonalds, and Chase innocently says "What's McDonalds?" 

People were shocked that he was about 4 years old and had no idea what it was, but I assured him that he wouldn't like the food because he had a sophisticated tastebuds, and we don't eat the food because it is bad for your microbiome. 

He understood what "bad for your microbiome meant." 

Yes - my son knew about the concept of our microbiome before he knew what McDonalds was! 

It was around the age of 5 that he started noticing the fast-food chains from the TV commercials during sports games - and that is when I told him the truth. 

I said Chase, "the world is filled with good people and bad people - good companies and bad companies - and not everyone cares about your well being. There are bad companies out there that will trick you into eating chemicals and poisons that make you really sick - your body won't be as strong, your brain won't be as clear - these companies don't care if you live a long, strong life. 

McDonalds - they are an example of an evil company, and because I love you - and want you to live a long, strong life, I would never feed you that poison."


Time had passed and we were headed back toward the city to visit some family, and I hear in the back seat -

"Hey mom, I just saw a sign for that evil french fry company! Look mom, there it is again!"

He proceeded to ask "if people know this is a bad company and they are hurting people, why wouldn't they get arrested and go to jail?"  

Me: "It's called politics my son - and a government filled with unqualified individuals who know absolutely nothing about health (but love money!)"







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