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When I look back on my career, [Boredom] was always my clue...

You know when you reflect back on your life and know "this is exactly where I am supposed to be" that feeling? 


As I write this I also am laughing at myself - 

- You have zero income coming in today 

- You cashed out your 401K so you could stay home with your babies 

- You've been out of the IT space for years - you're dusty. 


I went to College and really didn't learn what I needed to be successful in this world, but I am very grateful from the experience I got from the jobs proceeding. I worked at some really cool companies (all that have since gone public) - I was just never able to stick around long enough to be part of it. 

I was thinking about this the other day, and remember that extreme feeling of boredom - the constant question running in the back of my head "is this what life is supposed to be?" 

Shortly after I would always end up quitting. Looking back I think that was God's way of helping me move along to my next experience, so I could learn what I needed to, and be successful when I was ready to unlock the door with the gifts that God gave me.  

Bryant Business School 




Institute for Integrative Nutrition 

Network Marketing - Isagenix 

Marketing Consulting 

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